Get Rid of Unwanted Traffic. Forever.

We block unwanted visitors from all traffic sources in existence.

Bulletproof Cloaking
  • Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, you name it
  • Block GeoEdge, The Media Trust, Confiant,
  • Kaspersky, Avast, Google Safe Browsing, etc.
Click Fraud Protection
  • Stop paying for bots and fake clicks
  • Get solid proofs to demand refunds
  • Optimize campaigns early with blacklists
Spy Services Protection
  • Hide landing pages from spying crawlers
  • Protect your affiliate success
  • Adplexity, Anstrex, AdSpy, and others
Comprehensive Reporting
  • Get exact traffic quality percentage
  • Export reports as CSV files
  • Track conversions and build funnels

Competitive Advantages For Your Success:

  • Ability to run any advertisements in any network
  • Long-living, uninterrupted affiliate campaigns
  • Less money wasted on non-converting sources
  • Built-in safe page generators and website scraper
  • Built-in tracker with flexible funnel builder
  • Automatic A/B testing of offers and landing pages
  • Automatic timer-based rotation of money pages
  • Full CDN support, including Cloudflare as proxy
  • REST API for traffic streams management
  • No KYC, no traffic policies, no questions asked

Our Partners

We maintain friendly relations with a lot of partners.