Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 27.04.2024
Cloaking is a security mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to your website: legitimate visitors are allowed to view real website content whereas bots, competitors, and other malicious actors see a different version of it.
You may advertise anything you want. Adspect follows a no questions asked policy: we do not care what you run and do not enforce any content rules.

Adspect offers major advantages over competitors:

  1. Adspect aggregates other cloakers: we check clicks with 12 competing cloaking services in addition to our own databases and filters, which makes us at least as good as all of them combined. If you are currently using a different cloaker, then most likely Adspect already has it integrated inside.
  2. Adspect has the largest IP address databases in industry: 1.6+ billion IPv4 addresses in the main database, 2.3+ billion IPv4 addresses in the paranoid database, and 33000+ IPv6 networks.
  3. Adspect is the first cloaking service to filter by JavaScript fingerprints.
  4. Adspect is the only service that filters by TCP/IP fingerprints.
  5. Adspect is the only service that filters by SSL/TLS fingerprints.
  6. Adspect is the only service that uses true VLA™ machine learning based on a discrete Bayes classifier. It is a real thing, not just a marketing trick.
  7. Adspect has a built-in safe page generator that creates complete WordPress websites.
  8. Adspect has a built-in tracker with detailed reporting, subaccounting, automatic A/B testing, automatic money page rotation, and other features.
  9. Adspect provides an API for automating your work.
And that’s just a few of our key advantages.
Yes, Adspect cloaks all of the Google products, including Google Search, Google Display Network (GDN), Universal App Campaigns (UAC), YouTube, and Google Safe Browsing.
Yes, Adspect is fully compatible with Google tracking template and cloaks it just as good as regular Google Ads campaigns.
Yes, Adspect cloaks all Meta Ads placements, i.e. both Facebook and Instagram.
Yes, Adspect cloaks both TikTok Ads and regular links posted on the social network.
Yes, Adspect cloaks BrandVerity, AdPolice, and similar brand compliance services.
Yes, Adspect cloaks GeoEdge and similar ad scoring services, including The Media Trust, Confiant, AdSecure, Integral Ad Science, Ad Lightning, and others.
Yes, Adspect cloaks MetaMask site checking bots.
Yes, Adspect cloaks Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, and other payment processing services.
Yes, Adspect cloaks spy services such as AdPlexity, AdClarity, AdSpy, Adheart, Anstrex, AdSpyder, and others.

Yes, we accept and encourage crypto payments:

  • USDT (TRC-20, ERC-20)
  • USDC (ERC-20)
Additional payment options may be available upon request.
No, you do not need any programming experience to use Adspect. All settings are in the web interface, you do not have to edit PHP files to change them.
No, there is no limit on the number of advertising campaigns. You may run any number of campaigns.
No, there is no limit on the number of clicks. You may run any traffic volumes.
Yes, Adspect provides a built-in safe page generator by Comsign.
Yes, Adspect can be integrated with any tracker. We provide several integration options that cover all existing trackers and all possible setups.

Yes, Adspect checks clicks with numerous third party data providers in addition to its own databases and heuristic filters, including:

  • 12 competing cloaking services: if you are currently using a different cloaker, then most likely Adspect already has it integrated inside
  • MaxMind minFraud Web Services
  • MaxMind GeoIP2 Anonymous IP Database
  • IP2Location DB23
  • IPQualityScore IP Reputation Check
  • Scamalytics IP Address Fraud Check
  • and others.
Adspect combines all of these services to provide truly unmatched protection.
Yes, Adspect provides several zero redirect cloaking methods, including local file loading, HTML insertion (also known as “curl”), website mirroring (reverse proxy), and iframe.
Yes, Adspect can mirror third party websites on the fly, creating complete navigatable replicas. The feature is called “reverse proxy.”
Yes, Adspect can display other websites in iframe without changing the browser’s address bar.
Yes, Adspect fully supports WordPress websites as safe pages, money pages, or both.
Yes, Adspect supports JavaScript integration that can be used with Shopify, Tilda, GitHub, and other third party websites.
Yes, Adspect fully supports Cloudflare in proxy mode. It is also compatible with other CDN vendors like Fastly, KeyCDN, Amazon CloudFront, etc.

Yes, Adspect employs multi-level device fingerprinting to detect all sorts of anonymizing technology, including:

  • Public proxies, both SOCKS and HTTP
  • Residential and mobile proxies, including Bright Data (ex-Luminati) and GeoSurf
  • Tor exit nodes
  • Public VPN services
  • Private VPN services such as self-hosted OpenVPN servers
  • and others.

Yes, Adspect detects click fraud in all traffic types: context ads, native ads, push notifications, popunder, etc. Adspect is the only service that detects the most advanced bot frameworks, including:

  • Puppeteer, including Puppeteer Extra
  • Playwright, including Playwright Extra
  • Selenium
  • PhantomJS
  • ZennoPoster
  • and others.
Yes, Adspect fully supports IPv6 traffic and filters it just as good as IPv4 traffic.
Yes, Adspect provides automatic A/B testing of money pages.
Yes, Adspect provides automatic money page rotation on timer.
Yes, Adspect provides a full-featured REST API that lets you completely automate your work.
Yes, Adspect has a 10% referral program. You may find more information in the Referral Program chapter of Adspect documentation.
Haven’t found the answer to your question? Read documentation or reach out to us.